Website Maintenance

Focus exclusively on your passions while we maintain the health of your technology, which is our passion!


Lead as LOVE Website Maintenance supports New Earth leaders and change agents who seek tech/web assistance and systems management from a provider who speaks the 5D language of evolution, consciousness, ascension and spirituality.

A tech portal built exclusively to support Love-Based Leaders like yourself to thrive, Lead as LOVE is passionate about working with conscious, on-purpose entrepreneurs who are committed to making the world a better place. In our experience there are two critical factors for your long-term success:

  1. a high-frequency web presence
  2. website maintenance

We encourage all business owners to secure the foundational tech support they need, which is why we developed a comprehensive Lead as LOVE Website Maintenance Package. It allows you the freedom to focus exclusively on your passions while we maintain the health of your technology, which is our passion.

WHY Would I Need a Monthly Maintenance Package?

  1. Protect Security. Security is the most important reason to keep your website up to date. With an outdated website, it’s exposed to risk. Avoid a security breach with managed and consistent updates.
  2. Incorporate New Features. With updates and upgrades come cool, new, pioneering technology to play with. Wow your website visitors by staying at the front of tech developments.
  3. Ensure Compatibility. It’s not just about updates. Sometimes the necessary thing to do is to NOT update a plugin, theme, software or Wordpress. Having a knowledgeable team that knows the perks and fallbacks of each individual update is vital. Your website is a grouping of individual pieces that have to constantly fit together. Incompatibilities sometimes occur when a part of the site is updated. This requires foresight, testing and technical understanding of each piece of software.
  4. Increase Performance. Every upgrade (Wordpress, plugins, theme, server, etc.) is constantly improving software and code to work better, more efficiently and our favorite, lighter and faster! With an abundance of options and information on the internet, a slow or glitchy website can be a fast deterrent to visitors.
  5. Up-Level. Learn ways to make more money, and/or reach a wider audience with tips and tricks we’ve obtained over the years from supporting successful businesses. We work diligently to up-level all businesses, whether new or preexisting.
  6. Maintain a consistent presence on Phones and Tablets. Updates also improve the look and feel of your website for your users. Software teams are constantly improving the responsive nature of your website to guarantee it functions well and looks good across all screen sizes.

    *Fun Fact: 65% of website visitors are mobile. That’s more than HALF of your traffic viewing your website on their phone. It is no longer optional for your website to look good on mobile, it’s essential.

Monthly Maintenance Package

Available in 6- and 12-month contracts(additional services may be added)

Starting at $195/month
  • WordPress, Theme, and plugin updates
  • Server Management, ensuring your website stays live and optimizing server settings for best performance
  • Fixes for any plugin update conflicts
  • Secure from hacks
  • Daily Off-Site Backups
  • 1 hour of YOUR CHOICE Technical Support & Site Changes per month.
  • Priority Support
  • An expert and responsive tech team that is a phone call away, available to guide you if you have questions or concerns.
  • LAL Monthly Hosting packages available: never worry about your hosting, you talk directly to us and we handle all the technical details

For an additional cost some popular add-ons include: Blog posting, design updates, systems management including: e-commerce, CMS, mailing list software, webinars, events, podcasts, etc.

WHO is an ideal match for Lead as Love’s Monthly Maintenance?

Conscious leaders who want to express more of their truth, step deeper into who they are, make more money, and/or reach a wider audience through a consistently solid, professional, unique and high-vibrational web presence.

Clients seeking tech/web support from a provider who speaks the same 5D language; the language of evolution, consciousness, ascension and spirituality.

If you have a website, chances are you need website maintenance, for all the reasons mentioned above. If you’re not sure this package is for you, let’s chat and explore it together.

Astrologers, psychics, coaches, channels, mystics, visionaries, pioneers and conscious entrepreneurs sourced in 5D living naturally magnetize to Lead as LOVE due to a mutual resonance. They see themselves as New Earth Leaders and are empowered and eager to collaborate with LAL to implement their creative visions.

Maintaining your web presence requires a long-term relationship with your provider. At Lead as LOVE we bridge the languages of technology and multi-dimensionality, filling the need of clients to feel safe; a place where their intuitive gifts are understood, valued and accurately interpreted.

We support the whole person; the individual and the professional. Over the years and throughout varying business (ad)ventures, clients often require a sensitivity to the personal aspects of stepping deeper into themselves to fearlessly embrace their purpose as leaders of the New Earth.

Our hope is that after all your searching, you have not only found a technology service that understands the language of evolution, ascension, and new earth existence, but that also adeptly delivers services that are solid, professional, beautiful and stand out amongst a saturated web design market.

The Lead as LOVE Monthly Website Maintenance Package is preventative care for your business. We’re here to take your beloved business to a higher turn of its purpose with a solid technological base of regular maintenance and ongoing support.

Email us to set up your free consultation.
We’ll assess your needs and develop a solution that’s just right for you.