The Creator

Kimberlee Gorgo

Hi! I’m Kimberlee Ann Gorgo, affectionately referred to as KimAnn. I am a Master Orchestrator of purpose and Doula of many divine creations.

I birthed Lead as Love out of my combined passions for technology, business and the rise of the feminine. Success can no longer be measured by hard work and long hours but by our ability to brave what it takes to be our true selves in the face of anything or anyone. I believe that if we honor our truth and follow our passions we are promised everything our heart desires! And it is from this belief that I work with my clients to continuously connect with themselves in order to connect with the world.

Why “Lead as Love?” Leading as love puts the heart in first place and creates a life and a purpose that encourages JOY through our full expression of Self. As pioneers of conscious web design we propel the business world by incorporating love as the main guiding principle.

What my clients love most?

That I’m a tech wizard, systems architect and business mastermind that speaks the language of multidimensionality. They love that my team and I understand the holistic picture from the depths of who they are to their business goals. They love my loyalty, availability, and personal one on one support- be it technical or inspirational.

Prosper as Love

At Lead as Love we BUILD purpose. We are the technological architects and worker bees committed to the physical expression of your divine purpose…

Prosper as Love is my co-creative endeavor with my earth and star sister, Lauren C. Gorgo. Quite literally, it is my SISTER SITE. This space is devoted to seeing Heart-Centered Businesses thrive. Also with a global mission to value love above all else, PAL focuses on  the thriving part!

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KimAnn Gorgo