Sundog Colors

Building a website for dogs Kay was! One of the first things I got to do was get a Soul Color Reading for my dog Gordo. The reading literally changed my relationship with Gordo, understanding now the breadth and depth of his purpose with us. For the website design, we built this baby from the ground up! Kay let us play with a sense of whimsical sophistication in website design. Kay has published two childrens books about dogs, their auras and soul colors. Her purpose is to inspire others to bond more closely with their animals through color. Now Kay is on a quest to remember the information (knowledge) in …

The Pisces Girl

This simple blog website was such a sweet project, giving the website owner a fun space to blog, show off her amazing photography and collaborate with astrologers.  

Infinity Healing

Infinity Healing

Maryellen of Infinity Healing contacted LAL looking for a team to set up a website, integrate booking and payment software, and develop a mobile app for their new healing center. All that and they needed it done fast! Six weeks later we had the website running, the app near completion and the booking software integrated. What a joy to co-create with such drive and vision! Infinity Healing provides supportive therapy solutions that fit your unique qualities and challenges – so you can begin your path towards optimal health. They are committed to bringing state of the art therapy choices to their local communities so its members experience optimal health and can …


New World Economics

This information and research based website existed as a pure html site from 2005. We transferred all the content, installed WordPress for an upgraded CMS experience and structured this new website to be user friendly, well organized, and fully responsive. We designed the layout, flow and text-based logo. Branded with an easy to read and attractive color palette. What a difference!   Developed and integrated all aspects of the website Organized Site Content and Layout Went from html site to user friendly WordPress CMS Mailing List Integration Monthly Website Maintenance WordPress, Theme, and plugin updates Server Management Secure from hacks Daily Backups Priority Support Hosting and Fully Managed Server

Free Ocean Community

Russian Website Development Website Design & Website Development: Developed and integrated all aspects of the site except graphics: Designed a fluid website experience Organized site content & layout Membership Integration PayPal Integration Mailing List Migration and Integration Responsiveness for all screen sizes  

The Cosmic Path with Stephanie Azaria

The Cosmic Path

Stephanie Azaria is the pioneer and sole provider of 5D Astrology and Lead as Love gets to support this Love Leader! Each and every mission we serve amazes us, and The Cosmic Path is at the top of that list. This is a membership website that we built and fully manage. We integrated event and webinar software and operate on-site E-Commerce. Stephanie’s lifetime of astrological study (beginning at the age of 9), her fifty years as a professional astrologer,  and her devoted journey to the spiritual Path has produced a whole new approach to astrology, which she has dubbed Cosmic Consciousness. Her work is designed to bring humanity into greater alignment …