Mothering & Daughtering

Providing systems consulting, management and integration. Membership setup and maintenance. CRM operation and Maintenance. WordPress Maintenance and a lot of love for Mothering and Daughtering. Lead as LOVE has the pleasure and privilege of working every day with this dynamic Mother Daughter duo! Sil & Eliza are pioneers in raising consciousness around the mother daughter relationship. They pave the path for mothers and daughters to “Thrive not just survive the teen years!”  

Think With Your Heart

Think with Your Heart is one of Lead as Love’s favorite projects! We completely customized and personalized this social network. It’s clean, user friendly and full of fun features: personal profiles, activity wall, photo and video uploads, tagging, sitewide announcements, member created groups, forums and even a coaching Q&A. This social network is integrated with membership software, creating multiple membership levels for sales options. The membership is fully integrated with e-commerce to automate monthly billing. Seriously- this is one self-sufficient machine! Not to mention, the creator of Think With Your Heart is also a pretty rad client. TWYH is about harnessing, wielding and grounding the magic of spirit into our physical bodies …

The Cosmic Path with Stephanie Azaria

The Cosmic Path

Stephanie Azaria is the pioneer and sole provider of 5D Astrology and Lead as Love gets to support this Love Leader! Each and every mission we serve amazes us, and The Cosmic Path is at the top of that list. This is a membership website that we built and fully manage. We integrated event and webinar software and operate on-site E-Commerce. Stephanie’s lifetime of astrological study (beginning at the age of 9), her fifty years as a professional astrologer,  and her devoted journey to the spiritual Path has produced a whole new approach to astrology, which she has dubbed Cosmic Consciousness. Her work is designed to bring humanity into greater alignment …