Mothering & Daughtering

Providing systems consulting, management and integration. Membership setup and maintenance. CRM operation and Maintenance. WordPress Maintenance and a lot of love for Mothering and Daughtering. Lead as LOVE has the pleasure and privilege of working every day with this dynamic Mother Daughter duo! Sil & Eliza are pioneers in raising consciousness around the mother daughter relationship. They pave the path for mothers and daughters to “Thrive not just survive the teen years!”  

Ray Rolando

We have the mission of ushering purpose, love & leadership into the world! has a healthy amount of all three! The Lead as Love team had the pleasure of working with Ray Rolando on actualizing his dream to step fully into his purpose as a divine visionary, teacher, and channel. We always feel like proud parents when we usher another messenger of love out into the world. Luckily for the world, Ray now has the platform for his voice to be heard and his gifts received. At, membership and ascension wellness coaching programs involve learning to unlearn, transcend, or rise above (ascend beyond) limiting beliefs and behaviors that stem from …