Work With Us

Lead as LOVE develops websites attuned to the individual frequencies of purpose-inspired entrepreneurs and LOVE-based leaders by maximizing a combination of multidimensional business planning, conscious copywriting, branding via photography, video and web design, new earth marketing strategies as well as hosting and website maintenance for ongoing support.


Core4 Methodology™

Our signature Core4 Methodology™ provides the solid base for capturing your vision and translating it into a professional, captivating and high-vibrational web presence. Core4™ Web Design is strategically developed to up-level your business so you can express more of your truth, step deeper into who you are, thrive doing what you love, and actualize more of your divine blueprint. Wherever you are on your path to purpose, we are committed to taking your business to higher ground with Core4™ .

An Entire Team Backs You

We work as a cohesive team with experts specific to: design, development, copywriting, photography, video, custom coding and maintenance. Each team member stays in their specific lane of expertise but we work together under the holistic understanding that we are building/weaving a singular website; YOURS!

Our Process

How does the Lead as LOVE website design process work?

The process begins with a free consultation to assess if Lead as LOVE is the right fit for your project. If you and we mutually agree to take the next step in collaboration, we will outline the details – including costs, objectives and timelines – in a proposal. When you accept the proposal, the Core4 process officially begins. Depending on complexity of the site, websites usually take about 2-3 months from conception to launch.

The Core4 process is comprised of 4 phases:

Develop Your Website Vision

Multidimensional business strategy
based on your divine blueprint. 

Develop Your Content

Conscious copywriting, captivating
photography, and (optional) video

Design Your Website

Involves identifying and developing
branding, and a building your website.

Maintain Your Website

Ongoing maintenance for your website
after it's been launched for longevity.

Web Design as a Multidimensional ProcessThroughout the creative process we are a grounding force, facilitating your full expression of Self through Purpose. We deliver support to the whole person; the individual and the professional. Clients often require a sensitivity to the personal aspects of stepping deeper into themselves to fearlessly embrace their purpose as leaders of the New Earth. We treat this process with the sacredness it deserves, nurturing your ability to rise up into divine purpose, clearly and effectively. 

During the Core4 Web Design Process our clients have priority access to Lead as LOVE. We keep consistent communication, here to answer any questions or to be a guide through each stage. We’re available to you every step of the way.