Multidimensional Business Strategy

Multidimensional Business Strategy

Establish your brand, define your niche, develop your custom sitemap and consult with an expert to expand your purpose through a holistic, comprehensive business coaching program. We tune into your soul’s blueprint to strategize and honor the WHOLE of who you are: mind, body & spirit.



When it comes to strategy, our philosophy is not very mainstream. If you are looking for a list of things to do, emails to line up or social media tactics we are not the strategists for you. While we will take tangible steps together, our strategy is very 80/20: 80% inner work, 20% external implementation. We hold space with you, we cheer on your dreams, we reframe blocks and old beliefs. We honor the subtle nudges from spirit and we value aligned timing. We take very deliberate physical action, and understand that business success is not linear. We ride the evolutionary rungs up the spiral each time they present and over time we create quantum change.


Let’s begin with our core value that we are all innately abundant. That every desire is a prompt, awakening us to step up, step in and claim what is already ours. That desires are waypoints on your soul’s blueprint asking you to pull over, collect your joy and expand.

With this as the core value driving business strategy we believe that the success in your purpose is directly linked to your inner landscape. That in order to grow on the outside we have to release blocks and grow on the inside.

We have the pleasure and privilege of watching many business grow and expand. We witness each and every day what works and what does not. If you are called to Lead As Love we believe you are someone who understands



Systems Consulting & Integrations

Systems Management

Ongoing monthly strategy sessions

Consulting for Systems Integrations
Researching and Mapping the best software solutions for seamless integration, technological simplicity, and a high end user experience including:

  • Shopping Cart
  • Gateways
  • Event Software
  • Membership Software
  • Digital Media Downloads & Streaming