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Happy June! I am relieved to say that I did not delete my last post. If you need a refresher, here is what I am referring to:

I feel to say that this (2015) is the year we can truly begin grounding the physical applications of the life we have been dreaming up. And if this isn’t true by June-ish I will be sure to delete this post and deny all. What post?

Now that’s not to say I didn’t ALMOST delete my last post. I certainly had some expectations about what “grounding the physical” meant. Pain free forward movement was part of my dreams of grandeur, but what really transpired during this first half of 2015 was more like growing grounding pains. All the prep work and inner alignment were taking place so that when the time came we were ready to launch.

What we will be launching in 2015 comes in many different shapes and sizes. What is so exciting to note is that whatever we build now is more authentic and true than ever before. We are living our lives from the truest version of ourselves yet and that, in and of itself, is exhilarating!

I’m not one to throw around spiritual buzz words, but my mind won’t rest until I say it out loud- we are building our new lives, our new homes, our new purpose on the 5d grid now and the experience will be very different from our past failed attempts at building a 5d life from a 3d platform. In the past I often felt a bigness, a purpose that was heartfelt and important but no outlet within reach. Our world stage is within reach now, we’ve collectively built this new energetic space, where our magical powers can work and our voices be heard. Are you ready for the world to meet You (double entendre there!)?

What are you launching this year?

Materialize Your Blueprint:

I sat down to write this blog and asked for a title. What I got was this, materialize your blueprint.  I thought to myself, that sounds powerful but what the he*& does it mean? Then I heard “dormant DNA” and in that moment it all hit me!

Within our personal energy fields lies un-actualized potential(s). This has been described as Dormant DNA, some call it your Akashic Records, The Hall of Records, I tend to simply call it your truth- a calling back to your highest self. We come to earth with libraries full of conscious possibility and it’s our j-o-b to remember this divinity and ground it here, on earth. That word job has some energy connected to it, doesn’t it? I feel to remind you that this job, the one of getting back in touch with our ancient gifts, is an invigorating one. What could feel better than remembering the power that you are and your gifts from well beyond this life-time? What’s better than building a life based on that bigness? What greater gift than living your deepest truth, being a beacon of light for others to learn from your example?

The exciting news is that attainment of our greatest potential is closer than ever before. After these years/lifetimes of clearing work how could it not be? We’ve been clearing our own goo, collective goo, goo-ey goo 😛 . We have cleared so many of the blocks between our earth selves and our divinity thus closing the gap between potential and materialization!

Another way to look at it is that we have been activating more of our DNA. As we actualize more of our potential by awakening strands of dormant DNA we have greater access to our personal Divine Blueprints. We are activating more of our God Self, simultaneously grounding into the earth all of our lost powers. I am also seeing that we are activating more of our brain function as well, the grey matter. With this activation comes increasing awareness of our divine purpose/mission. As you awaken, I am here to assist you in taking your newly awakened truths, and with them, building a purpose. Materializing your divine blueprint.

Blueprint Sessions with me:

…we are being offered the ability to open to the Hall of Records to extract this information for ourselves.  This will involve our direct participation in that once we are activated (aware of this opportunity) and open to receive, we will call forth our soul team and star guides…in some cases they will come TO us…to transmit this data from the Sirian star portals and gateways that are opening in the heavens at this time for this very purpose.

NOTE: For those of Sirian star descent, you may be noticing that you are already opening to these records by default…via snapshot glimpses of the future, both for yourself and/or for those people in your world…simply because of your galactic heritage and genetic connection. Lauren C. Gorgo, Time to reBuild: accessing your blueprint

Well, that’s ME! I am a Sirian starsister and galactic emissary here on earth to assist in the orchestration of purpose by creating blueprints that carry information on how to materialize our newly awakened potential. I have opened to + remembered new levels of my power and potential, learning that my mission is, in fact, to assist others in remembering the same! I direct both the seen and unseen aspects of your purpose and create a detailed blueprint to represent the organized orchestration of the whole.

I have been blessed with the keen ability to tap into the truth and authenticity of one’s potential purpose! Now, this gift has been birthing over the course of an entire lifetime, so as glorious as this sounds let me humor you with a few uncomfortable experiences gleaned from said “gift”:

1. I have accidentally interacted with people’s potential, not their current self. Needless to say, they probably thought I was pretty weird.

2. I have befriended potential selves but not the human in front of me 😁 #notfriendsanymore.

3. I have dated people based on the relationship’s divine potential #badbreakup.

4. I don’t see your limitations (only my own…lol). Anything is possible, truly! Right?

5. I have gotten frustrated before when it seemed like people were being inauthentic or “not themselves”. Well, they were definitely being themselves just not yet embodying the potential I saw them attaining #embarrassing.

As the gap closed between my own potential and what is now my reality I can see what I was truly seeing all along and why I often felt confused, let down, uncomfortable in my relationships. My perspective has always been focused on the potential in others and my earth gifts prevail in orchestration, organization and movement in the physical world.

Enough about Me, how about You?

Now, I must ask- are you ready to meet the world as the actualized You? Closing that gap between potential and reality?

Does your desire to move forward outweigh your fear?

I have been working with clients in a process called Blueprint Sessions and successfully collaborating on the grounding of their dreams + potential. The success has been OFF.THE.CHARTS (or should I say grid?) but the success of the actualization is because of my clients. I have had brave souls step into their purpose based on our blueprint work together and am continuing to watch them grow, evolve and up-level.

What are Blueprint Sessions?

The short version: A six-week process containing 4 one hour sessions + a detailed blueprint + one hour collaborative review and fine tuning of your blueprint. *Includes a proposal for web work from LAL™ if applicable.                   

At length: For 4 one hour sessions I hold the space for your vision, working with you to clarify, organize and monetize your dream according to your divine potential. I work with you and your soul records, bringing forth only that which is in alignment with your true calling.

We will bring to the surface any inner blocks that could be stopping you from moving forward and attaining ultimate success. The outer experience will only go as far as the inner experience, so we work to expand here, in your beliefs and highlight any possible limitations that emerge during our time together.

After our 4 sessions I map out the multidimensional aspects of your purpose, creating a divine blueprint for the physical manifestation of your (or your company) goals. I hold with me the importance of sustainability, growing your audience, and making your venture lucrative. Add to that my technological expertise and the understanding of how we can present this to the world through a website that is practical yet creative and uniquely You!

Please make your way over to my Blueprints Page for an in depth look at this process and some experiences + testimonials.

My Blueprint sessions have morphed into Reframing Sessions on



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