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Foundationally Lead as Love believes that in order to have a truly successful and purposeful business one has to brave what it takes to lead with love. Lead as Love honors the heart first, supporting the rising feminine as the new world leader.  We believe that smart business is now steeped in creativity (heart) over linearity. It takes a new kind of courage to embrace this philosophy, a courage that is willing to listen to the heart’s call over everything and anything outside of it. Your prior conditioning may try to steer you toward practical and logical, but we support the fortitude to heed your heart’s call no matter how “illogical” it may seem!

As pioneers of conscious web design we propel the business world by incorporating love as a guiding principle, and we support businesses of that same ethic. The .Love Movement is, quite literally, a bandwidth of like-hearted resonance. We want to start a cult recognize businesses who share our same philosophy by promoting the .Love domain.

For heart-centered entrepreneurs that feel called to join this love movement Lead as Love has packages to transfer your domain from its current tld (.com, .net, .org, .co, etc) to .Love. Now that search engines recognize all top level domains equally, it’s no longer necessary to be limited to .com in order to be searchable or legitimate.

In each package we provide one year of the dot love domain of your choice. We change your current website’s domain to your new .love domain. For Example, would become We will point your old domain to your new .love domain- Example: will be automatically directed to And with package 2 we will change your business email address to the new .love domain- Example: will become

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