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I created LeadasLOVE.com as a hub to provide support for Love Leaders.

What is a Love Leader?

Anybody with a message from the heart that they want to share with the world.

With Lead as LOVE my hope is to revolutionize the current value system, placing love back in first place so that those who value love above all else can truly and fully prosper. I am doing this is several ways:

1. Working with heart-based techs who are passionate about what they do and value the things that we value: a holistic approach, individuality, relationships, honesty, trust, integrity, helping others to succeed, etc.

2. Providing consultation, conceptualization, implementation and integration for all your technological needs so that you can bring your creative vision solidly into form.

3. Providing technological support for what matters- your messages of love. Techie support includes (but is not limited to) building websites, website maintenance, software integration, hosting, custom coded solutions, SEO, etc.

4. Providing creative services such as editing, photography, design, customer service & outreach.

5. Providing tools for you to reach a larger audience, increasing your platform.

6. Freeing you to tend to the full expression of your purpose.

7. Consulting with you on self-love & self-worth, encouraging you to see the limitless value in what you do.

8. Teaching you how to operate and maintain your own technology, encouraging your tech autonomy.

9. Providing business consulting that helps you organize your purpose in a way that you can monetize, positioning you to live abundantly.

We are living out the repercussions of putting our lower minds in charge and leading with our heads. Now it’s time to awaken to our soul’s call back to LOVE, back to ourselves. Lead as LOVE puts the heart in first place and creates a life and a purpose that encourages JOY through our full expression of Self. It is leadership through BEing rather than doing.

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  1. Hi Fellow Lovers…
    Congrats on your concept! I have spent the last 13 years creating my LOVE SPOT.. in the Tucson desert… a magnificent scared space from the 1930’s a huge hacienda .. first devoted to give a space for connecting to the Great Mother and The Beloved ( Source, Universe etc) . This place has 7 meditation gardens, labyrinth, Art walk, horses, green house, pool… and a huge place with 7 bedrooms ( sleeps 13). Site listed above…

    I have put soooo much love and devotion into this place and am the caring steward here. The animals are thriving big time… domestic and wild on my 10 acres. IN years past, I have gifted personal nursing and space for those who could not take care of themselves ( broken legs, hips etc and the animals .. I have recused so many and have lost many but gave them the best I could for the time they were with me.

    Everyone who visits feels the love here… At first , it was a retreat center but the integrity of many made me change directions… so now I offer the space to regular guests… This has proved to be the avenue that is providing me the income to keep my mission ( providing sacred, joyful space) alive. Regular guests and families get it and seem to be more respectful of the sacred space!

    I was just hit with a huge well bill… well head blew as a result of to much water! Silver lining to the story!

    I have been doing much on a trade basis… and that is what I am offering.. trade of my space to you for assistance in creating more business.. I would like to create a LLC… It is a magical place… Even UFO sightings… Take a look at what I have here.. It is amazing and have put all my everything in this paradise !
    I am so devoted to every bit of it…

    Whatever… I just saw what your concept was and applaud following your heart! Sending blessings to you and all on the higher path! Thank you and your group… and Think with your heart for all that you do!
    Blessings and much abundance,
    Nancy Newton

    1. Post

      Hi Nancy! Thank you so much for your congratulations and applause :). Wow, what a sacred beautiful and supportive space you have created/maintained.Congrats to YOU on that. LAL would love to assist you in your efforts to create more business, and hope that someday we can. As for barter or trade, we are not huge fans of this type of exchange and do not advise our clients to run business in this way either. In fact, we believe that the love and spiritual gifts that this community/that You have to offer should be the single MOST valued and monetized business. Stay in touch and keep us in tune with your Love-based business!

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