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As we embrace and emanate leading as love in all facets of life, it’s easy to see its application to business. When we share our purpose with the world in a way that’s wholly conscious, that endeavor requires a unique language that captures and conveys the heart of what we offer. And that language is conscious copywriting:

Conscious Copywriting is a divinely-inspired combination of heart-based intuitive guidance, traditional copywriting expertise and a genuine passion for promoting a product, business, person or an idea; and carefully selecting, editing, weaving and constructing those words to offer the reader an opportunity to take a specific and measurable action.

Conscious copywriting is distinctly different from traditional copywriting, which uses methods intended exclusively to sell, and often implementing tactics to accentuate pain or manipulate the reader toward quick emotional action; more accurately, a reaction vs. a well-considered response. In contrast, conscious copywriting is infused with the genuine desire to provide a valuable product or service to enrich the customer’s life. Period.

A conscious approach to copywriting maximizes the specific techniques that allow your passion to shine brightly through language. Why is this important? So you stand out and your message resonates with your reader’s heart as an invitation instead of a manipulation.

Think about it this way…

Without effective language that speaks to the very heart of your reader:

  • What is the purpose of even having a website or marketing materials?
  • What kind of customers do you think you’re going to attract?
  • How will you distinguish yourself in your niche?
  • How will you increase exposure or sales?
  • How will you expand your product or service offerings?

As heart-based business owners, when we bring a greater degree of authenticity and integrity into marketing efforts, it enables us to attract just the right customers so together we thrive. We all win.

You love your purpose. You love your business. You love your clients and customers. When you effectively capture the essence of you and your offerings with conscious copywriting, you are positioned to achieve your unique business goals and Lead as LOVE.

conscious copywriter + marketer @ LAL™: Where Love Thrives!

As we navigate these extraordinary times, and shift into new ways of marketing our products and services, a new language is emerging. This new language cannot be faked or manipulated; it must be authentic and based in genuine desire. Our Conscious Copywriter, Charlon, understands the complexities of this new language, and the most subtle nuances between copy that emphasizes being vs. selling.  Visit our Conscious Copywriting Page!

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