Our Core4 process is comprised of 4 phases:

Phase 1: Develop your website vision

Phase 2: Develop your content using conscious copywriting, captivating photography, and (optional) video

Phase 3: Design your site with branding, and

Phase 4: Maintain your site for its longevity



This initial phase gives us the tools necessary to co-create your multidimensional business structure.

In dynamic collaboration, we create a foundational strategic plan based on the dreams, goals and overall vision for expressing your unique purpose.

Beginning with a blank canvas of infinite possibility, our objective is to clarify who and what the website is for by exploring these questions:

  • What is your niche?
  • Who is your ideal customer or client?
  • What are you selling?
  • What is the vibe/essence you are passionate about conveying?
  • Do you have a mission statement? Core values?
  • What is the pricing of your products?
  • How will we structure the sale of these products: membership, one-offs, google ads, donation?
  • What is the unique character/quality that sets you apart from your competition?
  • How will you attract your ideal clients in resonance with your work?
  • What will be your measure of success in 6-12 months?
  • How will you grow your audience?

If you come to us with clarity related to these essential questions, we move directly to Phase 2.

If you need guidance, we start with Blueprint Sessions, designed specifically for clarifying the aforementioned questions. Blueprints are attuned to your authentic truth and your unique potential, bringing forth purpose-based intelligence in alignment with You. After your Blueprint Sessions, we proceed to Phase 2.



Using your vision as the foundation and inspiration, we begin the content-creation phase of incorporating conscious copywriting, high-impact photographs, & engaging video.

During the content phase our goal is to capture your resonance and convey a cohesive feel, tone, professionalism and trust-factor throughout your website.

What is the “trust-factor”?

Lead as LOVE values trust as a foundational building block stemming from our web design and reaching your core audience.

How do you build trust with your audience through web design?

  • High quality everything: copy, imagery, brand.
  • Streamlined, professional, user-friendly interface.
  • Transparent copy.
  • High resolution, up-to-date headshots.
  • Explainer videos.
  • Well-maintained, updated website technology and software.

It is essential to build trust with your clients, buyers and passersby to grow your successful and profitable business. When a website isn’t trustworthy, people quickly sense it and leave, investing their time, energy and dollars elsewhere.


“Copy” is the term used to describe the language for marketing your offerings. To sell any product or service, sales copy is implemented. We work to assure that you have copy that stands out amongst a saturated market. Our conscious copywriting team groks your vision and creates potent, high-frequency language infused with a New Earth frequency signature. Click Here for more about Conscious Copywriting.


Professional photography is ESSENTIAL. Quality images can be the cornerstone for an impactful website. Our collaborative photo shoots create & produce dynamic visual content across all your platforms, engaging your audience in a multidimensional way.

Hiring one of LAL’s photographers will ensure your story is told with professional, authentic and beautiful imagery.
Here for more about Branding Photography.




Videos are an increasingly popular and effective tool for delivering information in a fun, creative & professional way. They connect you deeper with your audience – both on your website and across social media platforms.



During content-creation, we work on the resonant presentation of your website through professional photography and high-vibrational web copy (and explainer videos, if desired). You meet directly with our creative photographer, conscious copywriters and web designers to formulate a plan-of-action for the successful and distinguished presentation of your website content.





The design phase involves identifying and developing branding, and actually building your website.


During the design phase we unite your vision, content and desired aesthetic into a powerful marketing tool ­– your website – that assists you to achieve your business goals.


This process is often –  but not always – concurrent with Phase 2–Content. While you’re gathering and creating content, we are designing and building your website.


Our talented designers guide you through a process that invokes your inner creative desires to get what you envision onto a website. And if you don’t know what you want, no worries! We will assist you in finding a look and feel that resonates for you.


You will meet with your resonant designer and collaborate to develop a consistent brand for your website, complete with a color palette, font choices, social media graphics, a logo, website layout and a business card design that is unique to you.


Through this collaborative and engaging process, we bring your purpose to life!




After your new website has been created and launched, ongoing maintenance is the fourth and final phase to implement of the Core4tm methodology.


Why? To give your website a life beyond initial creation.


Websites are no longer a launch-and-leave process. Just as with any creation, after the end of the initial birthing process, there is a continual infusion of time, love and attention.


Your website requires ongoing support to assure easy website access for both you as the owner, and your website visitors. After we launch your website, you and we begin our maintenance relationship in which we support you to do what you love while we expand and maintain the technological aspects you are not so familiar with. We are also available to train you on how to maximize the use of your website throughout your new relationship with it. (See Maintenance Page for more information.)