Conscious Copywriting

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Lead as LOVE honors that you are an agent of change coming forward with a big purpose and far-reaching goals. We know that you are an ambassador of love-based Leadership.

No matter how you previously engaged with your audience, with Lead as LOVE you can forge ahead to where language, business and authenticity intersect. Because we use love as the guiding principal and honor heart first, we create professional, solid, unique, high-vibrational web presences with language to match.

Words contain and emanate energy. As you launch business endeavors linked to your purpose(s) and passion(s), know that there is a corresponding language and frequency to market your offerings most effectively. That New Earth practice is Conscious Copywriting.

Charlon Bobo

Conscious Copywriting – What is it?

Conscious Copywriting – a term coined by Lead as LOVE’s Conscious Copywriter + Marketer, Charlon – is the evolutionary art of infusing high-frequency language & consciousness into poignant copy for entrepreneurs dedicated to purposeful business.

In this new paradigm, Lead as LOVE intricately understands something rather simple (yet powerful): words are the pulsing heart of your message. They are the first contact between you and the masses. They contain and emit the frequencies that quickly ignite resonance with your audience.

The art of Conscious Copywriting contains depth and intuition not generally present in a copywriter-client relationship. The process comprises both complexities and nuances. The Conscious Copywriters at Lead as LOVE have developed the skills to imbue words vibrationally with the essence of your vision, your purpose, and your unique signature. We do it all the time for clients just like you who share the path of Love Leadership. Learn more about the Conscious Copywriting process and what you can expect when working with a Conscious Copywriter.

Charlon, It was an incredible experience to work with someone who has such a wizardry with words. I bow right back to YOU in gratitude. With much respect and Big, Big Love, Nan

Conscious Copywriting – Why is it important?
  1. To launch and/or grow your business.
    Your Conscious Copywriter knows precisely how to situate your business for emergence, or take your business to a higher turn of its purpose. They grok your vision, establish a strategic plan to achieve your intended goals, develop a language that resonates with your ideal audience, align the energetics of your message and position your offerings with maximum leverage. That’s a winning combination for authentic business-building with the might of words.
  2. To focus on what you do best.
    You’re a business owner, not a professional copywriter. As an entrepreneur, you have a business to manage and grow with strategic planning and implementation. If you don’t have the time, interest or savvy to write your own content, it’s essential for the sustainability of your business to delegate your business-building and marketing writing to a pro. Your Conscious Copywriter is devoted to helping you realize your dreams by doing what they love most: writing. Focus on what you LOVE; delegate the rest.
  3. To play an active role in replacing old marketing tactics with authentic purpose.
    This singular distinction sets your business apart in a big way. As a Love Leader, you’re on the leading edge, actually embodying what others only imagine. The marketing landscape has changed. Conscious clients & customers are savvy. They feel when they read copy intended to sell by reaching, manipulating or needing sales and they turn elsewhere because there’s simply no trust. This is not in your DNA and we embrace an alternative: With Conscious Copywriting, you have a way to feature your offerings with integrity, authenticity and purpose.

I have no words to express how much you have changed my perception of “writing” and I wish I would’ve done this years ago. I had no idea this was such a road block that kept me from being clear about what I was doing in my work and my life.  Being able to get my own (well… words on paper is absolutely transformational. It blows me away to have a crystal clear direction and connection with myself and my clients.  Forever grateful for you and your patience…Shannon

A Common Language Toward Achieving Your Goals

There’s no substitute for someone who understands the unique nature of business based in principles of self-Lead as Love: Building Purposeawareness, consciousness, ascension, evolution and 5D living. Your Conscious Copywriter already speaks this language. Like you, they have been on a spiritual journey and this common experience makes the creative, collaborative process much easier. You don’t have to explain the intricacies. They already get it. They’ve lived it.

When you speak the same language, it gives you an advantage. From the very first meeting, your Conscious Copywriter can relate to you. That naturally lends itself to an accurate interpretation of your vision, an understanding of the precise language and energetics to best feature your offerings, and the implementation of an effective strategy to accomplish your goals.

Conscious Copywriters use a variety of technical and intuitive skills so you can express more of your truth, step deeper into who you are, make more money, and/or reach a wider audience with the power of potent words. With Conscious Copywriting, you have a way to feature what you sell with integrity. Our methods are proven effective and are sure to align both to you and your audience.
Learn more about the Conscious Copywriting Process HERE.

Ready, Set, Go with Conscious Copywriting

You are a pioneering spirit. You know what it is to be inspired. You know you have a niche and are ready to embark within your realm of genius into leadership. In collaboration with your Conscious Copywriter, you are assured that your next step into broader exposure, transparency, and visibility isn’t compromised by slippery maneuvers. At Lead as LOVE, we write to the level of our higher selves, where wisdom resides and high-heart buying decisions are made!

After collaborating with your Conscious Copywriter, you can relax knowing that your products and services are represented with precise language and energetics radiating with the full integrity of your vision.

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