Conscious Copywriting Process
We like to make the process of collaboration as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve outlined these 7 steps so you know what to expect when working with the Conscious Copywriter that was chosen as a best-fit for you and your business:

Consultation / Proposal / Written Agreement

1. Our collaboration begins with a free consultation to assess whether your project and conscious copywriting are a best fit.

2. If so, you will receive a detailed proposal for your review and approval, including cost, payment milestones, project specs, project milestones and a completion date.

3. If the terms of the proposal are agreeable to you, we will both sign an agreement and then the creative writing process officially beings.

Clarifying Your Vision

4. You will receive a comprehensive list of compelling questions that allows you to explore and clarify your business vision. This process is about getting the information out of your head and onto (virtual) paper. This is the most important aspect of the entire collaboration. The more time and focus you invest in this critical activity, the more accurately your copywriter is able to grok the information and propel your vision by capturing the precise language that resonates with the heart of your audience.

5. When that is complete, your copywriter will review your responses in detail and ask any additional questions to make sure they have all the information needed to proceed.

Creative Writing Begins

6. When your responses and clarifications have been received, it is now time for accountability to you. Your copywriter’s job is to weave the material you provide into word-gold. When Version 1 is complete, it will be submitted to you via email.

7. You then conduct a review using the Track Changes feature in Word to make deletions and additions, and add comments. With each edit, the document is passed between you until a final version is mutually-agreed; usually 2-3 rounds of edits. If you have more than one project, we repeat steps 6 and 7 until the project specifications indicated in our contract are delivered in full.

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