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Branding 101: Why is it important? And, for goodness sake, how can it be done???

What do you think of when you hear the word branding? A logo perhaps? Maybe a slogan? There are few things in our global culture these days that aren’t branded. Everything from the obvious products and services, to politicians and government agencies, to movies, sports teams, art museums and even public awareness campaigns- anything can be branded. The most common stars of the branding world are logos. However, branding as a whole can encompass much more. Just take a look around you, wherever you happen to be at this very moment, and I’m willing to bet there is branding somewhere near you. Your computer. (Well, that one’s easy!) A sign out the window. Your coffee machine. Your shoes. The post office mailbox on the sidewalk. That ad jingle on the radio. What’s that? An airplane overhead? Get out those binoculars- because even that probably has some sort of branding graphics on it.

Now, while this onslaught of branding everywhere can be annoying at times, you have to admit… it really works, doesn’t it? When you think of the Ghostbuster movies, what comes to mind? How about National Geographic? Branding is so engrained in our lives, we often don’t even notice its existence. One of my favorite examples of overlooked branding is country flags. Yeah, country flags! They’re basically national logos. We see them so often- they’re so prevalent in our world that we barely even notice. But just think about how that one image- just a symbol or a combination of colors- can represent an athlete at the olympic games, an ideal, and an entire NATION. They can illicit charged, emotional responses. Just the image itself. How’s that for impact?

I hope I’ve driven the point home here: branding is one of the most important parts of any successful venture, whether it’s Mercedes-Benz, Walt Disney or Canada. Symbols can unite. Slogans can empower. Songs can be uplifting. And they will get stuck in your head. When executed well and used consistently, good branding enables attractive symbols, colors, sounds and words to represent something- well, pretty much anything, really- in a memorable and effective way. It’s a vehicle to communicate a message by appealing to the masses. What that message is depends on who you are andwhat you want to share with the world. But whatever it may be, branding is a vital conduit through which that message can be represented, and it can very well mean the difference between success and failure.

So, you have an idea. Now what do you do to represent it? How can you achieve branding that fits your message? That’s where the team at LAL can help. It’s not always easy to see the forest from the trees. Sometimes we need a professional, outside perspective to help us streamline our ideas, understand exactly what we have to share, and how it can be best represented. Our process is simple, and our goal is clear: we want to help create a branding package for you that will represent you, your idea, and your message to the world. If you have an idea but are struggling with the next step, let us help you. We will guide you through the branding process with structure, support, love and encouragement every step of the way. Let us lead you to success!

So, what’s your message? Are you ready to share it with the world?

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